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The Crowd Diligence Platform

Innovesta is a comprehensive, innovative and objective Crowd Due Diligence platform for early stage investors and entrepreneurs.

Delivering trusted and actionable results, uniquely created by relevant members of our opinion leaders community.

Opinion Leader

The Innovesta solution

Innovesta is a crowd based digital platform developed for early stage investors and entrepreneurs to enhance their business due diligence process. The platform includes a crowd diligence room (CDR™) with the relevant opinion leaders from Innovesta’s community.
What’s a CDR™
The Innovesta Crowd Diligence Room (CDR™) is a secured virtual space, dedicated to a specific venture.
Who are the Opinion Leaders
Innovesta’s contextual profiler and matching algorithms automatically define and curate a highly-select network of relevant Innovesta Opinion Leaders with business, market and product knowledge to share their insights and wisdom.
What’s the result
The result is a smart, fast, clear and valuable Due Diligence process that de-risks early stage investment and validates product-market fit. An Innovesta Due Diligence report is issued once the CDR™ is closed, summarizes insights, comments, sentiments and scores.

A Community of Opinion Leaders

The Team

Please feel free to contact us. We believe in conversations.
Yali Harari Co founder and CEO Yali believes leadership has many flavors Yali has been leading organizations for over 25 years, and has extensive management background in the technology, software and services industries both in Israel and in the USA.
Keren Kay Co founder and CMO Keren loves new ideas.
Keren has been a leading marketing & advertising executive for the past 20 years. She was chief creative director at the largest agencies, dealing with multi million dollars accounts, both local and international.

Our Partners


the time

Private angel investors

Israel Innovation Authority

Board Members

Yali Harari Co-Founder, CEO
Keren Kay Co-Founder, CMO
Nir Tarlovsky Co-Founder, Vice Chairman, the time
Keren Kopilov CFO, the time
Gadi Mazor Former CTO, OurCrowd, Industry Expert

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